2022 is going to be remarkable for FIFA and the game of soccer in particular. Before the 2022 World Cup even gets started, FIFA has unveiled its own unique NFT system for virtual collectibles featuring its World Cup soccer theme.  Continue reading to learn what fans of the blockchain and the sport may expect from this World Cup.

NFTs Broken Down

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are tokens that are unique and cannot be exchanged. For instance, a bitcoin can be exchanged for another bitcoin to create an identical object with the same use and features, making it fungible. A unique trading card, for example, is non-fungible. You would have something entirely new if you exchanged it for any other card. If you pay any attention to the Ethereum blockchain, you’ll notice that it houses the majority of NFTs, while different blockchains also offer their particular implementations of NFTs. If you’re looking to buy or trade NFTs, make sure you have some crypto loaded up to your bitcoin wallet so you can immediately pounce on any deals that catch your eye. If you think of NFTs as actual art collecting, then anybody can purchase a photocopy of a Van Gogh, but only a single person is allowed to possess the genuine painting.


FIFA’s governing body has released a fresh NFT solution, FIFA+ Collect, that will debut for the Qatar event in collaboration with the proof-of-stake blockchain, Algorand. The system provides NFT souvenirs, featuring memorable events, artwork, and pictures, from both the women’s and men’s World Cup events. With the release of 532,980 bundles including legendary occasions from prior competitions, and varying in rarity, FIFA’s “Genesis Drop” has set the NFT bar high. Since then, there have been two more editions, so know that these are hot commodities. NFT highlights include Kylian Mbappe’s strike in France’s dramatic triumph over Argentina in 2018 and the game-winning goal by Brazilian legend Ronaldo during the conclusion of the 2002 tournament. More special editions and unique sets are still to be released on the FIFA+ Collect platform, which will also provide coverage of the games live, as well as content made specifically for the platform.

Budweiser & Visa Getting In On The Blockchain

In Qatar, FIFA isn’t done releasing its range of goodies for blockchain aficionados. They’ve teamed up with brewing behemoth Budweiser to release a fresh batch of live NFTs. Owners of Live Scoreboard NFTs will receive an interactive scoreboard displaying the country of their choice that will be updated all through the FIFA 2022 games. This Budverse partnership may probably be the first in a wave of real-time NFTs that have consistently updated stats. Together with their virtual collectibles, Budweiser is seducing customers with physical goods like a themed scarf, a metal cup that changes color, and a special playing card.

More information on the sets being released on the FIFA+ Collect platform should be revealed soon, as well as previews of future NFTs that will be released during the World Cup festivities. So, keep an eye out for announcements and get ready to purchase your part of FIFAs NFT offerings.