With more than US$80 billion in annual sales, Sony is the most prominent media and technology firm in Japan, with US$24 billion of that coming from network and gaming services. Sony’s Hawk-Eye innovation is a core part of the Sony Sports business, sharing the mission to provide best-in-class solutions for the sports industry using umpiring, broadcasting, and digital technologies. Through Sony’s Family, Sony’s Hawk-Eye Innovations opens doors to far more comprehensive capabilities, helping customers realise new opportunities and bring to life experiences previously imagined. Through Sony’s sports businesses, NFT Tech is giving our customers access to opportunities and experiences that could never be imagined before. The Sony Sports business works closely with PulseLive, our partner company, to create compelling digital experiences that place even more control into fans’ hands.

NFT Tech is excited to have Sony joining them as we experiment with new ways of using Blockchain in sports and entertainment. They are excited that entertainment and sports will play an essential part in their growth. NFT Tech, who are leaders in connecting live sports events and even sports events FNTS through a lauded deal at Cannes Lions for AO Artball at the Australian Open, are excited about the partnership with Sonys Hawk-Eye Innovations on the so-called sports events future. Through their Hawk-Eye Innovations spin-off, Sonys is exploring blockchain technology and its potential to connect fans and their favourite teams in an unprecedented way.  Sony is looking at how blockchain technology could bring fans closer to one another and their favourite teams like nothing else has been done. Sony Sports, via its Hawk-Eye Innovations subsidiary, has struck a big deal with blockchain-focused company NFT Technologies Inc., aiming to provide real-time sports data in the rapidly growing sports NFT market.

Its subsidiary Hawk-Eye Innovations and web3-focused development by blockchain-focused company NFT Technologies Inc. may provide a framework for further entrants to the sports NFT ecosystem. Over sixty million individuals play annually, and professionals anticipate the market will be $50 billion annually by 2028. Hawk-Eyes solutions are currently used across over twenty round-the-clock sports; they are used in sports, horse racing, and autosports. The expanded potential of Hawk-Eye will enable us to reach out to our massive fan base worldwide and capitalise on this critical time in NFTs history, showing off the power of Blockchain and helping bring the next billion users to this space.

In order to develop a metaverse replica of its Etihad Stadium that features image analysis and skeletal-tracking technologies from Hawk-Eye, English soccer team Manchester City negotiated a contract with Sony last year.