Several soccer clubs have released their own collection of NFTs, too, including defending champions Manchester City and Champions League finalist Liverpool. NFT sports collectors merchandise has seen some success thus far, with the rare NFT Fantasy Football cards, for instance, breaking into the Top 100 of the market for the most recent time. One of the most popular fantasy football games on the planet, Sorare allows users to buy and trade NFT sports cards for professional football players, with over 200 clubs licensed to participate. 

Sorare says by merging NFT technology with sports cards and Sorare; they are looking to build a next-generation product in the football space. The Spanish league announced that it had struck a deal with the fantasy football platform Sorare to roll out cards that the NFT, known as NFT power. Fantasy football platform Sorare The non-fungible token, known as NFT. The Premier League is following the lead of Major League Baseball by agreeing on a deal with the NFT for partnership purposes to increase fan engagement. Spanish LaLiga soccer club RCD Espanyol has struck up a partnership with the NFT marketplace Fayre; the broad-ranging agreement will involve fan-facing in-stadium activations.

The social sports game company has extended their licensing agreement for LaLiga to include Non-fungible In-Game Tokens (NFTs) and digital game-day kits. In an industry first, the Barcelona-based Catalan club founded over 120 years ago is leading its fans by engaging with Web3 via stadium activations using Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). Dapper Labs has announced its collaboration with the Spanish football (soccer) league, LaLiga, for minted game highlights and historic iconic videos of past decades to serve as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Dapper Labs is already pretty deep into football, thanks to an NFT partnership agreement. In addition to its Dapper Labs agreement, a year before launch, the organisation has signed an all-leagues deal with the digital fantasy sports platform Sorare. The National Basketball Association (NBA) social sports game company raised $31 million last year during a Series B funding round. La Ligas has worked with Sorare to bring NFTs to all its players. Players from the La Ligas First Division and Second Division are now available in the form of NFT digital soccer cards to be played and traded at Sorares events. 

Collectors will be able to buy and collect NFT kits of all 20 La Liga clubs, which will feature equal prominence in future drops. Metaverse game platform GreenPark Sports websites and mobile apps will allow fans to buy soccer lockers to access digital players kits for particular Spain LaLiga matches. Fans, collectors, and fantasy players will be able to swap and play with the digital cards of all Spanish League players, creating a new revenue stream for clubs while giving buyers a chance to earn with the digital assets.