NFT Sports is a digital collectable trading card for your favourite players in every sport. Players use NFTs in the form of digital trading cards representing real football players. Football NFTs gain additional legitimacy because they are produced directly by players, clubs or leagues.

Essentially, footballers use their influence to get ahead in the NFT market, which many experts see as an investment vehicle similar to other types of speculative trading like the stock market. Footballers can use their status and wealth to buy expensive NFTs of hundreds of thousands of pounds and then sell them for higher prices, known as “changing hands”. Some companies have entered the football market, selling their NFTs to famous football clubs and players. Headquartered in Paris, Sorare is one of the leading companies entering the NFT market. Paris-based Sorare allows fans to use their NFT card collection to build great teams, unlock more NFTs, and earn Ethereum tokens.

Fans will be able to purchase and open NFT packs featuring their favourite NFL heroes, showcase their new digital NFT collections, and share moments with fellow fans. All players will win an NFT after beating the first level of the game and have the opportunity to earn one of several limited editions NFTs. Playable NFTs will come in different rarities and editions, and fans will be able to include NFTs in DraftKings fantasy football games.

There are three levels of NFTs for each player, which will be available on the Valiant Management Group website. Each player’s 100 Silver Tier NFTs will sell for $200 and $250. Blue Tier NFTs are sold for $50 each, with $250 available to each player. It has not been specified which NFTs will be launched with Sorare, as Sorare already sells player cards for fantasy football games. Fan Controlled Football also plans to launch a token initiative around its NFTs, including a mobile game that makes money through gaming.

In short, the digital interactive sports league Fan Controlled Football is expanding into NFTs for the new season. With the start of its second season on April 16, Fan Controlled Football NFL aims to enhance interaction, community and collective responsibility through NFTs. Ahead of the new season, Fan Controlled Football announced that it would be adding new teams to the league before launching its Ethereum NFT. Manchester City became the first Premier League club to launch a series of NFTs last year, though they had little impact on public consciousness. All 20 Premier League clubs are exploring the possibility of launching NFTs, says the CEO of a sports cryptocurrency consultancy. Tim Mangnall, CEO of Capital Block, is currently advising top clubs on establishing NFTs for their fans.