Olympix is a new cryptocurrency platform for crypto-sports enthusiasts.

Following the impending digital invasion of blockchain and all things related, Olympix has developed a sports platform that includes NFTs and other cutting-edge technologies to serve as a meeting place for all sports enthusiasts.

Football NFT was recently established to honour the king of football, Diego Maradona. Due to European nationality restrictions, he was unable to win the Ballon d’Or.

Olympix DAO demonstrates through its activities that sports should be fair to all. Olympix will create the world’s largest digital sports asset guild.

Olympix collaborates with football clubs, non-profits, charities, sports influencers, and other organisations to develop NFT assets for the global sports community. The guild’s first asset is Olympixball.

Furthermore, Olympix will create a metaverse sports game world based on NFT, with a wide variety of games ranging from single-player tournaments to multi-player PVP.

Finally, Olympix is currently working on developing a decentralised sports brand. Olympix focuses on sports brands that are trendy, comfortable, and affordable.

In reality, the founders have a solid operational capability to ship goods quickly around the world.

Olympix is dedicated to community development, bringing together NFT art and factories to serve global sports fans. The revenue is directed to the Olympix treasury, and all members who own NFTs will profit passively.

By minting these NFTs, Olympix will provide sports fans all over the world with the opportunity to watch highlights based on NFT technology. Because Olympix has secured exclusive copyright claims from multiple clubs, fans can access and bookmark live highlights by minting NFTs and creating value.

At the same time, there are sports assets such as basketball, tennis, and courts in addition to football. But that’s not all that fans can look forward to.

There are numerous NFT-based rewards, such as NFT leasing, NFT minting, NFT compounding, and so on. There are also esports, exclusive merchandise sales, sponsorships, and advertising in addition to NFTs.

Another goal of Olympix is to make sports available to all sports fans around the world.

Some underprivileged children and youth want to participate in global sports, but their circumstances prevent them from doing so. Football NFTs from Olympix will assist in overcoming these challenges.

NFT minting makes use of internet technology to bring players from all over the world together to play the game.

Furthermore, there are initiatives such as sports charities that assist sports enthusiasts who lack resources. Football is donated to children from low-income families so that they, too, can make sports a part of their lives.

Olympix provides a barrier-free platform where NFTs, blockchain, and other cutting-edge technology enable everyone to make sports a part of their lives. More importantly, the profits are shared by all.